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McIntosh C22 Level Control pot, McIntosh C22 Main Volume pot, Volume Control, selected, repair




We have also the C20 volume control made by CTS, please visit there. https://masatrading.stores.jp/items/58d3dd961f43758779001c0d This is the main volume control of McIntosh C22, C11 (800kΩ × 2 with loudness tap), a product custom-made in 1980s by CTS company which supplied volume controls to McIntosh in the 1960's. This is a selected one of smaller possible gang error(volume difference due to volume position). In addition, we have one which leaked from the selection. It is 5,500JPY. But there is no difference in sound quality between them. For C11, it is necessary to cut off the shaft and install the shaft adapter, please visit there if you are interested. For details,please contact us by email or phone. e-mail: [email protected] ph. 81-80-1153-2488(call Masa) The price is 17,800JPY(Japanese Yen). The shipping by Express mail : 1,900JPY to Asia 2,500JPY to North America 2,700JPY to Europe 2,900JPY to Africa & South America PayPal to [email protected] is acceptable If you need an invoice through PayPal, please request by mail.