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McIntosh C20 Level Control, Main Volume, Volume pot, Volume Control, pot, repair




We have also the C22 volume control made by CTS, please visit there. https://masatrading.stores.jp/items/594fb799428f2d29e800e718 This is the main volume control for McIntosh C20(1.5 MΩ×2, 100kΩ×2, quadruple volume control, with a power switch, for C20 later model, also for early model) This had been custom-made at 1990s for C20 by the CTS company which had been supplying volume controls to McIntosh from the 1950s. This volume control can also be used for C20 early model though the installation terminal is made for C20 later model. However, in this case, the terminal position will differ when attached to the main body like a photo. Since the power switch’s cover is not included to this product, so that please use the original cover as it is. (It is made of the same standard, so the original cover can be put in fitly just like the original.) Please inquire in detail by e-mail or phone-call. e-mail: [email protected] ph. 81-80-1153-2488(call Masa) The price is 26,000JPY(Japanese Yen). The shipping by Express mail : 1,900JPY to Asia 2,500JPY to North America 2,700JPY to Europe 2,900JPY to Africa & South America PayPal to [email protected] is acceptable If you are ordering, please email us first without adding it to the cart. Thanks,